I started running in late 2015. I had recently seperated and I guess when that happens you inevitably try and get fit and healthy again.

It wasn't the first time I'd tried to run, but this time I've found some consistency and it seems to have stuck. What had always been a really unpleasant experience has now become very much part of my identity. There is still no easy run. But I am able to go further and faster. (Faster is relative btw—I'm probably middle of the pack "fast".)

I'm now healthier, fitter, and stronger that ever before, and running has given me the ability to set goals and compete with myself.

Running progression

I've tried to graphically visualise some of my running progression. View the charts here.

2020 results

  • Parkrun (before its lockdown suspension), 8x (PB 23:36)
  • 5km PB 21:32, 16 Jul

2020 goal races

Update Oh well, this year hasn't exactly gone to plan. Thanks Coronavirus! So no races then. 2021 it will have to be.

  • Parkrun, as many Saturdays as possible (time goal: sub 21:30)
  • Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, 11 Apr (time goal: sub 6h)
  • Comrades Marathon, 14 Jun (time goal: finish)
  • 13 Peaks, sometime in Jul (goal: one day finish)
  • Cape Town Marathon, 18 Oct (time goal: sub 3h45)
  • SkyRun 65km, 14 Nov (time goal: finish)
  • UTCT 65km, 29 Nov (time goal: finish)

2019 results

  • Parkrun, 25x (PB 21:56)
  • 13 Peaks, 16 Dec (multi-day finish)
  • Kaapsehoop Marathon, 2 Nov (PB 3:59:17, also half marathon PB 1:47:29)
  • 10km PB 46:50, 22 Oct
  • Edenvale Half Marathon, 10 Mar (PB 1:51:55)