Garron Gray.
Independent developer.


working with businesses to create incredible websites
Garron Gray.
Independent developer.

Your customers deserve a memorable online experience.

I help businesses and individuals create websites that communicate their core message, personality and values to their customers, through beautiful design and modern standards-based development practices.

Garron Gray.
Independent developer.
What I do

Custom website designs (that's a "no template" promise) with a mobile-first approach that incorporate a deep and practical understanding of user experience needs, patterns and behaviours.

I will develop your website using the foundations of modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and where appropriate, I'll utilise the best frameworks, libraries, or APIs for the job.

If you need, I'll manage your server, domain, and SSL configurations.

Whether Shopify or WooCommerce, I can help you turn your retail store into an online store or help you improve and manage your existing eCommerce store.

I can guide you through the complexities of search services and paid ads like Google Search and Maps; help you establish and build your presence on social networks like Facebook and Instagram; and build and run your email marketing campaigns.

Garron Gray.
Independent developer.

About me

Hello 👋, my name is Garron. I'm an independent web designer, front-end developer, and technology consultant — based in Johannesburg, South Africa

After 15 years in corporate software development and management, I packed it in to go it alone.

This is my web studio where I help businesses and individuals build, deploy and maintain affordable, high-quality, and efficient websites and information systems.

I'd love to work with you. We should chat.

Garron Gray.
Independent developer.
Some answers

The price of a project is determined by its defined scope, timeline, and tooling. It's difficult to calculate cost without knowing these things.

As part of your first consultation, we'll work to define the basic scope of your project. After that consultation, I'll provide you with details and an estimation of cost.

Typically, however, my one-off projects cost between R10,000 and R30,000 (that's about $700 to $2000 USD).

Again, it depends. Smaller projects (landing pages and sites with a few additional pages) can take a week or two to conceptualise and develop. Finalising content and deploying can take a couple more days.

Larger sites, including shops and sites with more functional requirements, can take 4-6 weeks.

Our initial meeting is one of discovery. It's for you to tell me your story and for me to develop a high-level understanding of your goals, objectives, and problems. If you're local, we can do this face-to-face, otherwise, we'll do it online.

After our meeting, I'll send you a proposal with a statement of deliverables, scheduling and an estimation of cost.

Absolutely. I'm less interested in producing a portfolio of past work and more concerned with how we can continue to grow your business.

I offer small retainer agreements for a limited number of clients. Not only are these far more cost-effective than hourly rates, but they provide a sustainable business model for me, and perhaps more importantly, they ensure a commitment from your end to continue to invest in your business.

Sure thing. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Email me at , and I'll get back to you asap.

Let's collaborate!

Email me at, or book your free consultation now.